Fatra at fair FachPack 2018

Our company will attend for the third time the fair FachPack 2018 in Nürnberg – in days: on 25 – 27 September 2018. To visitors of the fair, we would like to introduce: BOPET packaging and technical films and laminates Polypropylene plastic profiles for multiway cartonplast boxes. …more

Waste use – a challenge for the 21st century

Waste is not only a complication, but also possible source of secondary by-products. By minimising waste, we contribute to both a lower ecological burden and the better economy of the company. Our objective is to reduce waste volume and reuse to the maximum extent those materials that are considered non-recyclable. For example, waste containing PVC …more

Development of the new rolling mill plant for 1.4 billion promises non-waste production of floor coverings and work for more than 100 people

Fatra continues the development of the new rolling plant. Since the site inspection in November, many things have changed and some of the buildings that are part of the design plans already have strong foundations and will soon be put into operation. Fatra Napajedla – new roller mill plant The development of Fatra’s new roller …more

New website “WE ARE WITH YOU, WHEN…”

We just launched a new website which aims to present our product portfolio to end users in a modern and stylish way. The website corresponds with our strategy “We are with you, when…” which we initiated last year. The web presentation using photos introduces everyday situations in all of our lives including products from Fatra. …more

Fatra exports 66 percent of its production to 50 countries of the world

The crucial success factors are maintaining the quality of production, innovation and customer service. How to become a successful firm not only at home but also abroad is a question asked by companies every day. The age of globalisation and internet is favourable for firms that have lower production costs and a comparatively quality product. …more

Quality is like your reputation. It builds up gradually and over a long time, but you can lose it in a moment

QUALITY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS There are two types of companies: those insisting on quantity and those taking quality as a key factor in their success. Fatra is quite clear about this. Although the company has the capacity to generate more than 3.5 bn in annual revenue, it puts great stress on quality, which …more

Companies do not collect awards and certificates on a whim only. The health of our customers is also at stake

These days, virtually all manufacturers boast about certificates, compliance with ISO standards and various types of awards won. This is not however not just a plain self-satisfaction on the part of companies. Production improvements, implementation of standards for the management of and approach to the environment, increasing product safety – all that takes hours, considerable …more

Fatra is on its way to non-waste production

Fatra’s environmental strategy is to make maximum efforts to recycle waste in its production. In its operations, Fatra also uses technologies that are virtually wasteless in the production of PVC floor coverings. The company’s objective is clear: to reduce the impacts of Fatra’s production processes on the environment. Meeting this objective means that any materials …more

Participation in the conference „Breathable Films 2018“

Fatra is going to participate in an international conference, Breathable Films 2018, taking place ​7-8 March 2018 at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, Germany. This brand-new conference brings together industry-elite speakers from the entire supply chain to evaluate and discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the breathable films industry, across multiple end-use applications. Fatra …more

Acknowledgment from Ontex company

Company Ontex Group NV belongs amongst our major customers in the breathable films segment. The company is also one of the leading global players in the hygiene market and operates 20 factories worldwide, employs over 11,000 employees and has a turnover of 2 billion euros. This company cooperates with hundreds of supply companies, and the …more