NOVODUR – non-plasticized PVC

The title NOVODUR ® indicates non-plasticized PVC granulates. It is a mixture of various additives combined suitably according to its further use. The most important additives to non-plasticized mixtures may in addition to PVC include thermal stabilisers, lubricants, separation agents, filling agents, pigments, flame retardants, light stabilisers, antioxidants, various modifiers, etc. Novodur granulates are processed subsequently using mainly extrusion and injection moulding technologies.

NOVODUR – non-plasticized PVC

Processed materials


Product advantages

Final products manufactured from non-plasticized NOVODUR® granulate are usually electro-insulating bars, window sections and frames, cornices, furniture lamellas, fences, pipes, and other types of profiles.


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