A fundamental vision of the Fatra, a.s. – company is to prevail over hard competition of domestic and foreign firms dealing with plastics processing.
The company is obliged to fulfil such a vision by reaching and maintenance of a high-quality level of the products and services, environmental and health at work protections. Fatra, a.s. places emphasis on prevention of emergency arising and decrease of risk of inhabitants in the surrounding and asset of the company.

The following items create a frame of setting up the aims of an integrated system:

  1. To increase a customer satisfaction by the deliveries of qualitative products delivered on time, where there is simultaneously necessary to take care of minimum environment loading.
  2. To fulfil the requirements of legal and other regulations in frame of individual fields of an integrated system.
  3. To prevent pollution of the environment, to enforce suitable preventive procedures within environment protection, health of employees and due to emergency risk decreasing.
  4. Regularly evaluated risks in the field of quality, EMS, safety at work, emergency readiness and to take adequate means due to continual improvement of all processes within integrated system.
  5. To inform the employees and public about the influence of its activities on health and environment.
  6. To work up a qualification and consciousness of the employees in all fields of the integrated system.
  7. To create and maintain the hygienic conditions of the production which products are enforced in hygienic industry or determined for the food contact.

 Ing. Pavel Čechmánek, Managing Director of Fatra, a.s.


logo-iso-barva-bez-pozadiFatra, a.s. has certified quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016 and environmental management system according to ČSN EN ISO 14001: 2016. Scope of certification: Design and production of plastic foils, waterproofing membranes, plastic floor coverings, printed sheets, welded products, injection moulding and plastic thermoformed products. Design and production of breathable films and laminates. Design and production of PVC granulates and extruded plastic profiles. Design and production of biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate films and multi-layer films.


Technologies being environmentally friendly, new material focus and searching new kinds of plastics application are a part of company developing strategy.
We have invested over 160 million CZK into direct environmental protection within the last ten years. The volatile organic substances emission decreased by 90% in comparison with the beginning of the nineties. Also a water consumption and all kinds of energies decreased due to new technologies and production optimisation. The indexes of environmental load show a decreasing trend with regard to the production volume.

products for ecology

Membranes identified for insulation of waste disposal site and oil and other substances dumping grounds, which hinder a leakage of pollutant substances into ground waters.
All suitable plastics applications which are protecting environment and decrease a natural material consumption.


Fatra-cerfifikat-ressponsible-careFatra, a.s. has been operating in compliance with principles of the Responsible Care program since 1994. On 13.05.2011, it made an announcement to the Responsible Care program, which it undertakes in as a member of the Association of Chemical Industry of the CR to conduct its activities to ensure high level of health and safety protection of its employees, general public and natural environment.  Fatra, a.s. received an approval of the Association of Chemical Industry of the CR in 2011 to use the Responsible Care logo for the period of two years and vindicated this two-year period also in 2013.  With respect to the fact that Fatra, a.s. meets continuously requirements of this program, it asked the Association of Chemical Industry of the CR in 2015 for its approval to use the logo, which was granted till October 2019.


In 2014, Fatra, a.s. won the prestigious “Sustainable Development Award”.
This award is granted by the Board of the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic to its member organizations that played an important role in the development of the chemical industry and contribute by their activities to the protection of the environment, safety at work, and health protection, rendered outstanding services in the regional development, and meet the criteria of the Responsible Care program on a long-term basis.
Fatra thus joined the top ten chemical companies in the CR conferred with this award.


fatra-certificate-safe-enterpriseSafety and health protection at work is an important part if the corporate policy. In 2009, Fatra, a.s. obtained a certificate Safe Enterprise. With respect to the fact that the certificate is issued for three years, we have already recertified such status twice since then. Meeting the conditions of the Safe Enterprise program contributes to higher culture of work safety in Fatra and maintains an acceptable level of work injuries.


  • Safe Enterprise 2018
    • Safe Enterprise 2018
    • ISO 14001 EN
    • ISO 9001 EN
    • Certificate Responsible care 2015-2019