An acknowledgement from Ontex

The Ontex Group NV is one of our major customers in the Breathable films segment. The company is also one of the leading global players in the hygiene market, operating 20 factories worldwide; it employs over 11,000 employees and has a turnover of 2 billion euros. This company cooperates with hundreds of supply companies, and the key ones were invited to their ´Partner Day´, where, besides presentations of long-term strategies and goals for the company, evaluation of the best suppliers in 2017 took place in four categories.
Amongst such highly demanding competition companies from all over the world – we received an award in the category of “Sustainability”. This was an extraordinary success for Fatra and constituted a commitment to future years, supported by the fact we have surpassed competitors in the sector of breathable films as well as suppliers of other hygiene commodities. All the employees in the Breathable Films Department and other sections deserve a big “Thank you!” for their endeavours.