Fatra is the second most sought-after employer in the region

Fatra is the second most sought-after employer in the region

Students from high schools and universities in the Zlín Region chose Fatra, a. s. as the second most sought-after employer in the Zlín Region. The official announcement of the results of the survey organised by the Club of Employers took place at the Zlín Congress Centre on 1 November 2023 as part of the Work and Education Trade Fair. More than 5000 students from the entire country took part in the survey, i.e. this involves a sample of approximately 500 respondents in the Zlín Region, which is constitutes a representative sample.

The work of our employees, who have devoted themselves to working with young apprentices or students, paid dividends for us in this survey. And this does not only involve employees from the HR Department, but also colleagues from production and power engineering, who have dedicated their time and attention to the students during expert work training or excursions. These employees are due a vote of thanks, because they do their work excellently and the students subsequently also showed their appreciation by voting for Fatra.

As a point of interest, 20 students completed their expert work training at our company in the 2023. They mainly came from the rubber/plastic worker course at the SPŠ Otrokovice School, one of whom entered into employment with us in September, and from the electronics course at the Zlín SPŠP COP School, one of whom also entered into employment with us in September. Other students came from the metal engraving course at the Mesit Secondary School, COPT Uherský Brod or the engineering course at the SPŠ Zlín School and there were also 2 university students.

This award also involves appreciation for our associated activities involving support for these schools during their own activities and competitions, for example support for the Young Chemist Competition at SPŠ Otrokovice, and our presentations at various trade fairs.

Fatra has been successful in 2023 and we have had three so-called podium finishes. Firstly, we received 2nd place in the 2023 Employer of the Region competition in the category for Employer of the Zlín Region for up to 5000 employees, followed in autumn by 1st place in the 2023 Fair Employer of the Zlín Region. In conclusion, we also secured 2nd place in the Most Sought-After Employer of the Zlín Region. We have something to be proud of.

Mgr. David Čuda, HR Director