Other laminates

Multi-layer laminated foils Fatra Folam® are designed for further processing.

These areal materials are mostly of foil type and their basic layer is formed by BOPET film.

Other laminates

Product advantages

  • Decorative purposes.
  • Technical purposes.
  • Special purposes in the health service.


Laminate structure – basic materials
Layer Material type
Bearing layer PET, PP, PE, BOPP, paper or cardboard
Barrier layer Metal deposition (metallization)
Adhesive layer Glue
Weldable or gluable layer PE, PP, paper or cardboard



BOPET – sales manager
Ing. Miroslav Večerka
Tel.: +420 573 329 447
Mobil: +420 724 405 876
Fax: +420 573 329 720
E-mail: miroslav.vecerka@fatra.cz
Sales – Inland, Southern + Eastern Europe
Lubomír Klaper
Tel.: +420 573 329 153
Mobil: +420 724 405 599
E-mail: lubomir.klaper@fatra.cz
Sales – Western Europe
David Šustr
Tel.: +420 573 329 134
Mobil: +420 724 405 543
E-mail: david.sustr@fatra.cz


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