PE foils and sheets are either smooth or embossed, made from LD-PE, HD-PE, and applied as pads in the packaging of technical products, a base material for palettes and cut-outs, sewing and reinforcement items (haberdashery, etc.). We also offer warning foils.

PET and EVA anti-slip materials – protective PET sheets are designed for protecting floors against scratches; while anti-slip EVA foils provide protection against scratches and contamination in shelves and closets

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Processed materials



Construction industry

  • Insulation of buildings (insulation of storage facilitates and water tanks, reinforcement of slopes, anti-radon barriers).
  • Reinstating walls (foils for undercut walls).
  • Warning foils – for highlighting cable lines and other conduits enclosed in foundations.

Technical purposes

  • Industrial applications – separation sheet.
  • Shim plates in the packaging of technical products.
  • Support material for palettes.

Automotive industry

  • Car mats.
  • Mud flaps.
  • Gaskets.


  • Cover foils.

Haberdashery industry

  • Foils and sheets for cut-outs, sewing and reinforcement.

Household, office

  • Anti-slip (adhesive) cut-offs for drawers, shelves, racks, cabinets, etc. in households and offices – protection against scratching and damage.
  • Chair mats and  floor protection against scratching and mechanical damage (e.g. under chairs with coaster wheels, flowerpots, bowls for animals).



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