Plastic waste processing (PP, PE, PP/PE, EVAC)

 Fatra prides itself on being, a long-established plastic processing company in the Czech Republic. The firm expanded its production facilities in 2015 by adding a new re-granulation line for processing internal and external plastic waste.
We offer polyolefin re-granulates produced on advanced re-granulation lines, as well s plastic waste processing from PP, PE, PP/PE, EVAC materials, and plastic waste buyout.

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Product advantages

There are basically two reasons for using secondary raw materials (plastic waste):

  • The first one is its positive impact on the environment. Separation and the subsequent recycling of secondary raw materials are considered activities favourable to the environment, and one of the major paths to sustainable development. Since recycling has become more widespread, the amount of waste dumped in refuse sites is declining. It also means that the overall carbon footprint is reduced, brought about by reduction in emissions and the consumption of electricity, crude oil and water, as would be necessary for producing new products.
  • The second reason is an economic benefit arising through lesser demand in materials and the generally lower prices of inputs (recycled products / re-granulates).
    Using a higher amount of recycled product in products as an alternative to primary resources usually leads to them having a lower final price, obviously contributing to greater competitiveness on the market.



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