Technical consultation for external companies

The INSULATION AND FLOORING STUDIO offers professional technical support on the membrane damp-proofing of substructures, flat and sloping roofs, balconies, terraces/patios, the water-proofing of pools and small ponds, and on the Fatra´s flooring products. Such technical assistance is open to professionals, i.e. outsourcing firms and building companies, project designers and architects, as well as end users, investors, and their technical representatives.

Technical consultation for external companies
Application areas


  • Preparing, administering and updating of structural and technological regulations of damp-proofing systems and flooring; provision  of the given details.
  • Providing professional training to companies responsible for implementation. Providing a high level of assembly for significant, complex, and unusual projects or as assistance for start-up companies.
  • Supervising the laying of material  (damp-proofing and flooring) purchased from Fatra´s  assortment.
  • Consulting and advising on membrane insulations and flooring (selecting and suggesting suitable methods of insulation, damp-proofing and accompanying material and type of flooring), designing structural details, directly on the construction site if required.
  • Designing and assessing anti-radon insulations. Preparating anchorage plans (securing the covering against external and internal forces). Periodic inspections of selected applications. Providing contacts to trained implementation companies. Assisting in preparing quotations and assessing of large or technically challenging projects.



Richard Rothbauer Mobil: +420 724 405 640 E-mail: Waterproofing Libor Bednář Mobil:+420  724 405 799 E-mail: Waterproofing   


Ivan Kučera Mobil: +420 724 405 725 E-mail: Waterproofing and flooring Jiří Zálešák Mobil: +420 724 405 642 E-mail: Flooring


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