Testing engineering services for companies

Our in-house research laboratory and facilities for engineering testing provide external companies with:

  • Assessment of raw materials and products.
  • Professional advisory and consulting services.
Testing engineering services for companies


Preparing samples in moulds through applying the technology of
  • Mixtures, granulate, foil.
  • Mixing, rolling, extrusion, blow moulding.
Professional advisory and consulting services on
  • Technologies.
  • Engineering testing.
  • Processing plastic waste.
Assesment of raw material and products (all testing methods according to respective standards)
  • Assessment of the processing properties of polymers and their mixtures.
  • The physical and mechanical properties of polymers.
  • Thermal analysis of polymers (DSC, TGA, etc.).
  • The rheological properties of polymers.
  • Ageing of the polymer.



Ing. Marek Šindelář Tel.: + 420 577 502 110 Mobil: +420 724 405 748 E-mail: marek.sindelar@fatra.cz Ing. Jaroslav Císař Tel.: + 420 577 502 119 Mobil: +420 724 405 547 E-mail: jaroslav.cisar@fatra.cz Ing. Bedřich Zapletal Tel.: + 420 577 503 286 Mobil: +420 724 405 700 E-mail: bedrich.zapletal@fatra.cz


  • Prezentace - sluzby zkusebnictvi a laboratori
    • Prezentace - sluzby zkusebnictvi a laboratori
    • Presentation - Testing and Development Laboratories


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