Fatra is a traditional manufacturer of plasticised PVC foils, which is produced by rolling from a mixture of polyvinylchloride, plasticisers, stabilisers and other admixtures. We produce transparent and coloured PVC-P foil with a variable degree of hardness and a wide range of material structures. The material can be finalised by lamination, printing and HF welding.

On request the “REACH Declaration” can be supplied for all foil types.

Product advantages

  • office and school stationery
  • health care
  • package industry
  • for the production of tents
  • tablecloths
  • automotive industry
  • welded products
  • sewing haberdashery

Processed materials



The foil production is based on recipes that do not contain any phthalate plasticisers – rolls are identified with a white label with the red inscription NEW. This foil is not tested for phthalate contents and can contain more than 0.1 % of phthalates.

On the customer’s request a foil variant for products for children up to three years of age can be produced – rolls are identified with a blue label (the name containing “D“ after the type number). This foil is tested for phthalate content (max. 0.1 %) – compliance with the EC Directive 1907/2006 (REACH), Annex XVII, items 51 and 52 is guaranteed.

Based on customers’ requirements for special properties of foil such recipes can be used to produce foil that contains phthalate plasticisers, or other components – rolls are identified with a yellow label.



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