Waste reusing – Skrutt in Fatra has a new life

FATRA was established by the Bata concern 82 years ago. Since than Fatra has built a position of a significant player in the European market of plastic processing and offers top products, development activities and consulting services. Sustainable thinking and acting in FATRA is aimed at improving the quality of life for everyone now and for the generation to come. FATRA´s products and technology eliminate the negative impact on the environment. One of the pillars of FATRA´s sustainability strategy is in line with the circular economy model, where new products are made from recycled materials and not consuming the limited resources of the Earth.Fatra had a long history of plastics recycling and recently decided to expand this field further. IKEA and FATRA created a project collecting waste polyethylene foil from the packaging material from IKEA´s store or IKEA´s supplier, recycling it and turning into a new IKEA´s product.
We were looking for a suitable product and the desk pad SKRUTT arised. The flexible, black or white, lightweight pad can protect your desk or other surface incl. flooring in your home. FATRA launched a new recycling production with the capacity of 6.000 tons two years ago. Further production capacity increase is planned in order to utilise the benefits of the circular economy model in our business.

Green business Magazine #18
Lenka Hromadníková
Key Account Manager in Fatra a.s.