plastics for life

One of the foremost plastic processing companies in the world, Fatra is an integral part of the plastic processing industry.


In recent years, numerous energy-saving measures have been implemented at the firm, focusing on capturing and utilizing waste heat, thermally insulating buildings and replacing old lights with modern LED systems.
Fatra 88 years
Our more than 88-year tradition obligates us to deliver the highest quality products available.
In fact, one such innovation – switching from heating with steam to hot-water – reduced the power consumption of the company by more than 30 %.


Fatra also sells it own products directly. We make all kinds of inflatable toys, including the retro collection by the designer Libuše Niklová, water toys, as well as plastic profiles – tennis line, plastic handrails for prefabricated buildings, floorball wraps, spirals for hinding electrical cables, sleeving for highlighting cabling conduits and other such products.