plastics for life

We rank amongst the significant plastic processing companies in the world and we are thus an integral part of the plastic processing industry.


In recent years, a whole complex of energy-saving measures has been implemented, focusing on waste heat utilisation, thermal insulations for buildings, or replacement of obsolete lighting with modern LED lights.
Fatr 83 years
Our more than 83-year tradition obligates us to deliver the highest quality products available.
The project of changeover from the steam heating to hot-water heating reduced the power consumption of the company by more than 30 %.


Fatra also executes its own sale of products. We offer all kinds of inflatable toys from the retro edition of the designer Libuše Niklová, water toys, plastic profiles – tennis lines, plastic handrails for prefabricated buildings, floorball wraps, spirals for electric cable bunching, electric sleeves for cable labelling, and other complementary products.