We have received the 2023 PRS Green Label award

We have received the 2023 PRS Green Label award

We have received a 2023 Green Label certificate for our contribution to improving the environment by means of our system for the repeated use of pallets.

The award is given to companies that engage in building sustainable networks of ecologically responsible manufacturers, processors, transporters, warehouses, traders and distributors.

Our company has long invested in a circular system of pallet recycling and is actively involved in reducing ecological waste. This system has been developed by PRS (Pallet Return Systems) and it enables plastic producers to repeatedly use CP (Chemical Pallets) pallets to distribute plastic granules throughout Europe.

The PRS Green Label is an award for all of the participants in this circular transport model, including any polymer manufacturers, plastic processors, distributors, suppliers, warehouses and transporters who actively contribute to improving the environment.

The principal of the circular pallet recycling system involves the active participation of all the partners in the network. The polymer manufacturers and plastic distributors provide information about the movements of the pallets which are then separated and returned to the system after they have been used. The Europe-wide network of pallet suppliers and warehouses then secures the collection and repair of the pallets which reduces the need to produce any new ones and thus saves resources. The distribution of the pallets from a local depot means that it is also possible to minimise any transport distances and to limit the numbers of empty trucks on the roads. Once the pallets’ service life has come to an end, they are used as biomass for a number of varied purposes.

This entire circular pallet recycling system provides a number of benefits, including a reduced carbon footprint, reduced waste from packaging and support for the repeated use of materials. Fatra is also supporting the use of wooden pallets from certified sustainable PEFC or FSC sources in this way.