New FATRASTEP tiles for balconies and terraces

New FATRASTEP tiles for balconies and terraces

Is your balcony or terrace floor in need of a little renovation or revitalisation? Are you looking for something to cover up unsightly and cracked concrete? Take a look at our new FATRASTEP plastic tiles.

With these tiles, you can quickly and easily give a whole new look to your terrace or balcony. They are very easy and quick to install. The individual parts simply click into each other and you are done. It takes only a few dozen minutes to tile some smaller spaces. If necessary, you can also trim the tiles to the required size.

FATRASTEP tiles are available in three different colours in slate and stone patterns. However, if you are you interested in making your patio unique, there is no need to stick to just one colour – you can easily combine different tile designs. You can strive for an interesting look or easily divide your terrace into different zones.

The advantage of FATRASTEP is that you can easily dismantle and hide the tiles after the season and use them again next year without any issues.

Find out more in our new video.