We support the NELEŽ Association

We support the NELEŽ Association

Fatra has decided to officially support the NELEŽ initiative, which stands against the spread of disinformation in online advertising.

The main objective is to cut off disinformation and manipulative websites from advertising and to focus on media that works professionally, objectively and with relevant information.

The association has been created by professionals from the field of communication, the media, data processing and the creative industry. NELEŽ calls upon advertisers to protect the good name of their brands by refraining from associating them with disinformation websites which they frequently unknowingly fund from their advertising budgets. Put simply, this involves stopping the placement of paid internet advertisements on unsuitable websites which disseminate untruthful information (fake news, hoaxes and conspiracy theories).

The association uses three professional mechanisms and perspectives pertaining to the harmfulness of the given media when including websites in its list of “disseminators of disinformation”.

Fatra has joined the ranks of responsible advertisers who have decided to play fair in online advertising. The NELEŽ Association is supported by brands such as AirBank, McDonald‘s, Kofola, EY, Datart and many others. By means of this step, our company has made a further commitment to social responsibility in this area, because we are invested in what is happening in the world around us.